Rent a Van in Greece

Rent a van, a minivan or a mini bus is a very exclusive service offered from our car rental company just to those who are companies, professionals, merchants, dealers, businessmen, all with permanent multiā€“people transfer needs, or by circumstance individuals with temporarily multi-people transfer needs.

Rent a van, minvan rental in piraeus, milos, folegandros, sifnos, sikinos, kimolos, salamina and athens greece

There are two (2) options to hire mini vans which are the following described:

Rent a Mini Van 7 Seated: It is a minivan with 7 seats available.

Rent a Mini Van 9 Seated: It is a minivan with 9 seats available.

In any case there is a need for larger capacity on van seats, then please contact us in order to try to accomplish your requirements.

  • Rent a van in Piraeus Greece
  • Rent a van in Salamina
  • Rent a van in Milos Island
  • Rent a van in Folegandros Island
  • Rent a van in Sikinos Island
  • Rent a van in Kimolos Island
  • Rent a van in other Greek islands and destinations in Greece

So in any case you wish to rent a safe and cheap minivan vehicle in Greece, then choose us! Choose RAC SA’ minivan rentals…